We are not PAIR to RENT’S,

As per the Government.


It takes two to tango and make a child,

Why so often do they go wild?


There is A MOTHER and A FATHER here, DON’T YOU SEE?

Why oh why are you messing with me?


Is it because I am happy getting on with my life?

Is it because YOU have been told that I have a new wife?


Why have you stopped me from seeing our daughter,

What strange behavior, maybe you should never ought, ta???


Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?

Are you trying to make me cry?


You finished me, I asked you as if you were sure,

Why now are you acting like such a ‘bure?’

We are better than this, besides it is not just about us,

We have a sweet SOUL to raise, WHY are YOU kicking up such a fuss?


You do not know the pressures put on fathers today,

Are you girls trying to break our masculinity forcing us to stay.


In line, with courage steadfast, I endure without whining,

Facing the storm, my resolve defining.

As my family sat idle, their silence confining,

Victoria, swayed by gossip’s silver lining.

Behind my back, they whispered, scheming, designing,

But their falsehoods, their deceit, I am divining.

For their karma, their souls, in torment entwining,

Their betrayal, their lies, their deceit unwinding.


You shouldn’t really play those games,


So this world can see better days.


Why do you listen to all the gossip mongers around you?

Why do I have to take you too court just for me to see our daughter ‘boo’?