It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.

In life’s grand dance, let kindness suffice,

For true greatness thrives in hearts that are wise.

Here are some rules, let’s not misconstrue,

Better to embrace the wisdom that is shared with you.

With gratitude and kindness, let joy arise,

In life’s grand journey, let wisdom be your prize.

Amidst the chaos, best find a calmer hue,

A path of positivity, tried and true.

Embrace the change, let your old habits die,

Your old self you may need to crucify,

For a brighter future, shadows of the darkness defy.

Let hope’s flame in your soul intensify.

Let hope’s light make your path beautify.

Let optimism guide you, ever so high.

Set sail on the etiquette journey, with spirits spry,

In the world of social grace, let’s magnify,

With great manners, goodwill, and humbleness, let’s amplify,

In every social realm, let respect underlie,

Every action and word, let them comply,

With decorum and kindness, let hearts rely,

On courtesy and charm, never let them deny,

As you navigate social waters, let civility fly,

In every encounter, let goodwill and empathy vie.

Let’s now look into social grace,

Where etiquette guides our every pace,

Now, let us take on etiquette’s plight,

Nine rules to guide us, shining bright,

In the land of grace, let us take our sight,

Let us behold these rules, like stars in the night.

In life’s grand dance, let kindness suffice,

For true greatness thrives in hearts that are wise.

Amidst this journey, let’s embrace etiquette’s grace,

Nine rules to guide us, shining bright in every place.

1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously.

If they don’t pick up, they may have duties seriously.

2. Return borrowed money before it’s due,

Show integrity and character; it’s the right thing to do.

3. When dining out, opt for modest fare,

Respect your host’s wallet, show them that you care.

4. Avoid awkward questions, intrusive and sly,

Respect others’ privacy, let their answers lie.

5. Open doors for others, regardless of their guise,

Make politeness and respect, a virtue that you imply.

6. Honour diverse opinions, with your perspectives unshackled ,

Engage in respectful discourse, with bridges unraveled.

7. Allow others to speak, allow their thoughts to unfold,

Listening with patience, a virtue extolled.

8. If teasing, observe, and if discomfort do find,

Cease the jesting, be considerate and kind.

9. Express gratitude openly, make appreciation your ally,

For acts of kindness, let thanks amplify.

This poem was inspired today by a post I seen on quora.

From the wise Jai Narayan, thanks I would never ignore, ya.

Let these guidelines be a beacon, a light for you to comply,

In the realm of social grace, let courtesy fly.


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