“Great Writer”


“Kwadw(o) is always the best to work with, the working experience is always thrilling. I look forward to doing more with you”


“He is the best I’ve ever worked with. He is very understanding and willing to hear me out despite the difficulties and delay. I will be more than glad to work with him at any time. Thanks”


“I have to say I’m loving the new books!”

Hayley Juke’s

“I met Kwadw(o)/Adrian at a business event 2 years ago, where I was invited to speak about the advantages of direct response marketing over traditional marketing. Kwadw(o) was attending on behalf of his business, Golden Child Publishing Company to keep up to date with anything and everything he could use to help his author clients in reaching their goals. We only had a brief chat there, but his passion for his mission came through instantly. We continued to work together since, and I cannot stop admiring his determination and drive. He is genuine, easy to work with, and professional. He is both creative and business-minded, always in search of the next level. His vision for his business and passion for serving his clients is amazing, and authors could highly benefit from working with him.”

Judith Henter (BA Hons)

“ I met Kwadw(o) on August 15th 2021 after he signed up to my online community to get access to a Workbook & Planning Guide I was offering as a free gift. Since then Kwadw(o) has joined a number of my coaching programs including my monthly membership, the Digital Business Lab. We have collaborated and worked together quite closely doing joint book promotions, mastermind zoom calls etc. I have had the great pleasure of working with Kwadw(o) at Golden Child Promotions and have assisted him in getting clarity with his vision and execution. Being a manifesting generator and the author of many books like myself, he responds very well to all that is thrown at him. I am looking forward to a continued professional, fun relationship with Kwadw(o) and Golden Child Promotions Publishing.

Lise Cartwright

“ Kwadw(o) is a very organized and big-hearted individual who made a pact with himself to help and serve the troubled in this world

Ludovick Peters

“ It is exceedingly rare to meet a person with the energy and passion that Kwadw(o) exudes. The man is a whirlwind of action and ideas and the sole aim of improving the world around him. The Golden Child Publishing Company has a collection of outstanding authors and courses. I really enjoyed working with Kwadw(o) as he is clear in his desire to use social media to raise both brand awareness and generate income and implemented the advice I gave him very quickly. He is a pleasure to work with!

Anna Rump (The Social Media Lady)