“Life is a game. Find the games you want to play, learn the rules, & find a way to be successful” Kwadwo Naya: Baa Ankh Em Re A’lyun Eil

Starting over isn’t as bad as it seems in the moment. For Kwadw(o), starting over in life and in business has led to an eventful life, full of lessons, learnings and most importantly, wisdom that he can now pass on to others who feel stuck in life. 

Kwadw(o) is the eldest of three siblings and was born to a father who was in the Royal Air Force air. The family moved around the country following his father’s career, and his parents split up when Kwadw(o) was young. He eventually went to live with his father in London whilst his sisters and mothers stayed in the North of England – this was the first starting over. This split affected Kwadw(o) considerably and he struggled at school, moving to four different schools in his early teens. 

One afternoon Kwadw(o)’s sisters arrived in London, distressed, claiming that their father had been neglecting him and that he should come back home and join them when they go back. Whilst happy in London, his Mother and Sisters really pulled on his ‘heart strings.’ Kwadw(o) had always been loving at heart and decided to leave, leaving London and returning with them to their mother’s home in Darlington. Things did not work out, and he was thrown out of his mother’s home two weeks later.  

At the age of 15, Kwadw(o) had to start over, again, this time on his own. The only advice he had were the words of his parents:

Get a good education.
Get a good job.

Equipped with these mantras, Kwad(o) went out into the dog-eat-dog world of a young boy with a tender heart and an inquisitive mind. He went back to college and got that education. He then got that good job. But felt utterly purposeless.

The next few years saw Kwadw(o) setting up and running various small businesses, including a Caribbean food delivery business, a successful estate agency and a removal business, in London. In this latest venture Kwadw(o) hit the jackpot, seeing returns that kept his pockets full but his personal life empty. Working over 60 hours every week, year after year, running the business by himself, something was bound to happen. And it did.

On his 40th birthday, Kwadw(o) lost his phone. His phone with over 4000 business contacts in it. His whole business existed on this phone, his whole life. Instead of feeling sick with dread, Kwadw(o) felt a sense of profound peace and relief. Instead of making a police report, Kwadw(o) went home and started writing that very day. The words just started flowing out. Two years later, Kwadw(o) completed his first book, HU AM I. He discovered something he never knew about himself – that he could actually write!

He also found out WHO HE IS.

Excitedly, Kwadw(o) approached book publishers, but faced challenge after challenge; losing money with freelancers, incurring huge phone bills from calling publishers on premium numbers, and not feeling like his story was valued. After months of getting nowhere, Kwadw(o) chuckled to himself.

He had run his own business for years, so why couldn’t he run a publishing business?

Gold Child Promotions Publishing Ltd (GCPP) was founded, to publish the stories of everyday people, and save them the stress, cost and disappointment of going through the traditional publishing route.

Shortly after the birth of GCPP, Kwadw(o) received a call from his mother, to care for her for a period of 6 weeks. Having maintained a good relationship with his family members despite the physical distance, Kwadw(o) did the right thing and moved to Darlington to care for his mother.

GCPP has been successfully running since  27 March 2019, with its founder Kwado dedicating his life to the Art of Writing. Recently, Kwadw(o) has expanded his mission to help others to write their story and express themselves.

Today, Kwadw(o) is a busy man, but busy doing the things he is passionate about. He knows that his purpose is to help others along the path of writing, and through GCPP, he has set up several coaching and masterclass programmes, as well as offering one-to-one consulting and mentoring to clients.

Working with Kwadw(o) is a truly unique and empowering experience for anyone who wants to overcome their fear of living a mundane life and seeks support in finding and following their life purpose.

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There’s something for everyone, at any stage of their journey.