This page contains a list of absolutely every service and paid training that I Kwadw(o) currently offer.

It’ is arranged by price (which is clearly listed).


Speaking Engagements

Would you like Baa Ankh Em Re A’lyun Eil  to speak at your next Event?

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VIP Elite Elovation Program ($9,997)

You have finished with our 12 Week Authorpreneur Masterclass Program and are wondering, WHAT’S NEXT???

Don’t worry, we got you covered.


(It has everything YOU need to take YOU to the NEXT LEVEL in YOUR ELOVATION).

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12 Week Authorpreneur Masterclass Program ($1997)

12 Week Authorpreneur Masterclass Program for Corporate Mothers, Business Owners, 40 – 49

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Quantum Coaching will guide you to success,

Using energy and consciousness to progress.

As a co-creator, you hold the power,

To create the life you desire hour by hour.


Self-limiting beliefs and fears can hold you back,

But with dedication and clearing, you’ll stay on track.

You’ll boost your confidence and self-worth too,

And remove the blocks that once blocked your view.


By using universal laws, you’ll become limitless,

And experience life in a way that’s truly priceless.

So let’s work together to achieve your goals,

And unlock the potential within your soul.



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Get 9do’s Consultation ($99-$300)

Are you seeking guidance or consultation to identify a plan of attack for solving any problems or accomplishing any of your goals?  Do you require any assistance with business strategy planning?  If yes, kindly click the button below to learn more.

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Transcription Service ($120-$250)

Looking for someone to transcribe your large (or small) English files? Great! Permit us to turn those files into accurately-typed text for you.

When we transcribe your files, we pay special attention to grammar and spelling as well as Google search for names, acronyms, terminologies, etc. so you can rest assured that you’ll receive your desired result and much more.

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The Author Accountability Program ($27)

Would you like to double your productivity in 30 days?

Would you like to team up with a dedicated accountability coach whose sole job is to give you clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it??

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Get 9do’s Mentorship UP-liftment Program ($9)

Get 9do’s Mentorship UP-liftment Program for only $9 / Month (CANCEL ANYTIME)

How much does mentoring cost UK?

A 2019 report into UK Executive Coaching fees found that the mean average cost for a 2-hour coaching session was £1110. A basic level coach (only suitable for graduates and junior managers) costs from around £500 a session, increasing to £1475 for a high-quality experienced and trained coach.6 Apr 2020

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